Anonymous sent: Yay congrats

gracias (:

Anonymous sent: Chapter 4 coming orr ??

it’s coming.. i’m typing now. if i get off of work on time, it should be up by tomorrow.

aglimpseofrvy sent: Congrats on finishing your freshman year boo! ^_^

thanks (:

finally home and don’t with my freshman year of college (: also i’m typing. chapter WILL DEFINITELY be up tonight or tomorrow morning.

i’m typing!!

i could give y’all excuses and dates all the time but to put it simply, i’m in college. my updates will be just a little sporadic. sorry but there’s nothing i can do.


this weekend at Howard is Accepted Students Day, and i’m hosting a student, and volunteering with the program and all of that from today until Saturday. so i’ll update this saturday evening or Sunday morning. just be patient with me please. i go to a school that never sleeps!

Anonymous sent: Can we please get another chapter?

i started typing it but this is a busy week for me. so hopefully by friday it’ll be up.

currently getting my life.


Anonymous sent: do you kno any family fanfics about family being together????

um, there’s 

Mommie Dearest

Typical Cousins

My Other Half


idk anymore. Followers? y’all know any?

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Chapter 3